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Sean O’Brien 

Marathon / 50K / 50 MILES / 100K 


The Sean O’Brien trail races are run primarily on the Backbone trail in the Santa Monica mountains.  Keira Henninger is the race director and offers a 100K (part of Montrail Ultra Cup Series), 50 miles, 50K and marathon.  All four races are extremely tough and runners should have prior trail running experience.  You will see some of the most breathtaking views the local mountains have to offer.  There’s even a creek crossing!



Leona Divide  

50K / 50 Miles / 100K


The Leona Divide races are 95% on single track on the Pacific Crest Trail.  The 100 K distance is new and promises to test even seasoned runners.  The 50 mile race pushes past runners comfort zones with drastic elevation gains and the 50K serves as a good first ultramarathon. The races are provided with fully stocked aid stations throughout the routes.



Ray Miller 

30K / 50K / 50 MILES / 100K


The Ray Miller trail races are back after devastating fires destroyed the trails and put the race in limbo for two years.  There are four possible rugged and tough race distances: 30K, 50K, the 50 miler and 100K. The 30K is a little longer and has 6,000 feet elevation gain and the 50 K has 9,000.  The races start at Point Mugu State Park and provide ocean and deep valley views to keep you motivated from the start and finish.



Griffith Park Trail Races  

10K / Half Marathon / marathon


The Griffith Park trail races are offered in the Fall and in the Spring.  The Fall offers a 10K  and a half marathon distance and the March trail races boast a half marathon and a marathon.  These are great races for anyone who wants to experience local trails and get a small taste of what an ultramarathon may entail. You will be blown away by some of the most iconic spots all nestled between the L.A. Zoo and The Griffith Observatory. This is a local favorite and you will share paths with hikers, runners and horses.


Paramount Ranch  

10K/30K/5ok/half marathon/MARATHON


The Paramount Ranch trail runs are unique not only for its rich cinematic history, but also for the fact that it is set in the only working movie set on National Park Service land.  There is a marathon, 30K and 10K distance.